Have you successfully/safely converted your Class C front seats into swivel seats? I want to convert only the passenger seat to a swivel seat.


I have the room given eye ball measurements, so it looks possible. Express Cargo Van offers plenty of room to haul equipment and more to the job site, while Express Passenger Van gives you comfortable, spacious seating for up to 15.

I have the room given eye ball measurements, so it looks possible.

Has anyone installed a swivel seat base from Amazing Auto in a Chevy Express? Any advice or recommendations? We will be installing it in a 2014 Chevy.

21. . WTD – Ultra Rear Bucket Seats “Toyota Sienna Conversion”.


I tried just mounting the passenger seat of my Express facing backwards. Direct Bolt-in Passenger Seat Swivel 1996-2022 Chevy Express/GMC Savana EXPRESS/GMC SAVANA Features: Maintains Stock Seat Height and Pitch ; Wobble-free operation using “Slop-Free” threaded lock design. Grand total $ 1,450.

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Easy Bolt-On.

install a swivel seat.

As a family run business, Vanarack takes pride in offering the best brands and products, backed by our first class customer service promise. .

Exploration Recall. 28lbs "Close (esc)" Swivel Seat Base by Amazing Auto Inc.

install a swivel seat.
Swivel Seats - GMC Savana/Chevy Express.
seat protection for Chevy Express & GMC Savana - Free Shipping! Map Lights & Interior.

Jun 9, 2022 · I also don't want to install seat bases that would require additional drilling of holes, because I can't do that.


Details: I moved the swivel inboard on the base by about 3/4": Likewise, I moved the base on the floor by 1/2" inboard and about 1/2" aft. . .

Opens in a new window or tab. . The seat can now be swiveled without opening the door & has plenty of room to move back and forth as well as some rotation. 00; $199. Remove and trim the plastic seat belt guard. For these holes, the spacing from side to side is 14.


Convert my passenger seat to swivel chair. Posts: 259.

Driver Side Bottom Seat Cover For Chevy Express GMC Savana 1500 Van 2003-14 Gray.

Anyway, if anyone has successfully put in any swivel seat bases in a Chevy Express, and if anyone can recommend a place (or website) to buy them or a brand to use, that would be great.

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