An Old Saxon name, Balsinde means destruction or strong.

Isla — Meaning “island” in Scottish, Isla is the English variant. Capacious- having a lot of space inside; roomy.



These names all have a lyrical sound and are timeless classic choices for girls. 29. It means Shape or.


Bonnie. . 23.

30) Akriti. Beautiful: A cute nickname for an attractive girl.

Goddess Singer, A famous female singer of popular music, a demanding and spoiled woman.

Joy: He/She comes with happiness.

Rose: or Rosetta, Rosalie or Rosemary. Biscuit- Sweet pet name for a lady who is cute and adorable.

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A rare but beautiful Indian name meaning “The earth”.

And that's why we're here for you; to be a part of finding cute and unique girl names for your little angel.

Darling – A timeless name to call her at any age.

Aadina. Carmela – This. 7.

Noriko - Japanese. 1. Popular Girl Names That End in Y (with Meanings) Abby - Latin name for “head of a monastery” and Hebrew for “a father’s joy. Girl. Following are some cute nicknames for partners.

Mar 2, 2023 · Nabilia.

Here are some of our favorite cute girl names: Abby: Meaning “father’s joy” in Hebrew. Ancy (Tatar origin) meaning "pink".

Tegan: The loved one or the favorite one.

Usagi - A cute Japanese girl name that means “rabbit.

For example, if they are always cracking jokes, you may want to call them “cutie pie” or “honey bunny.


Agnes: Greek - Pure.