All I have is a small needle mounted counter that is hard to keep track of when it is not mounted on a knitting needle.

It is never counted in crochet.

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Ok Friends, I have gotten asked this one A LOT.

I hope you’ll enjoy making it as much as I did in recreating it!.

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Attaching pieces can be a little tricky, too but stitch markers can help! So, let’s look at some instructions that say, ‘attach legs to rounds 9-14’. As the stitches get taller (starting with single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, triple/treble crochet etc) each. If a stitch has been ‘stitched into’, that means it’s part of the previous.

. Method 2: Count the Stitches Themselves.


Learn how to count your crochet stitches in your work.

. learn "how to" from Part 1,counting stitches & rows.

It is never counted in crochet. .

Yo – yarn over.


The key to straight edges is knowing when that turning chain counts as a stitch, when it doesn’t, and what that means for you.

For this pattern, you will need a multiple of ten stitches plus three (10 + 3) for your foundation chain. Indicate an increase or decrease. .

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