Schedule a routine cleaning service with EAI to ensure your heat transfer system is working as it should be.


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Water Pipe Cleaning Cooling Water Pipe Cleaning Pipe and Tank Cleaning Industrial Cleaning and Coating Boiler System Cleaning. The unique thing about Flushing Services is we have patented heat exchanger cleaning technology. .

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Dry ice blast cleaning provides a non-conductive cleaning process that allows equipment to be cleaned in-place without cool down or disassembly.

Check the pH every five minutes.

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Customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do, and providing certified, experience-based HVAC services is what we do best! 709-771-2227. This Total Performance™ platform incorporates patented technology-based cleaning.

Add it with any of our Mini Split Deep Cleaning service and get it for $109.
Heat Exchanger Tube Manufacturing; Heat Exchanger Tube Inspection Services.
The Enclosed Mobile Bundle Cleaner, or EMBC, is a state-of-the-art system, circulating cleaner through a closed kidney loop and utilizing high pressure spray bars.

Depending on your heat exchanger and facility there may be a variety of different.

Check the pH every five minutes.

If you have a smaller plate heat exchanger, you may be considering purchasing chemical solvent to clean it. Continue circulating the cleaning solution. .

Our affordable, professional HVAC services are driven by a desire to achieve perfection. We employ qualified technicians, possessing the knowledge and familiarity with different types and brands needed to fulfill all of your heat exchanger requirements with speed and efficiency. wheels allow it to move into the line and around multiple 90s. Thompson Industrial's Fin Fan & Heat Exchanger Cleaning Services. Cooling equipment begins performing at an optimal level and the results bring multiple financial benefits. .


We service and repair heat exchangers as efficiently as possible to reduce downtime. Eddy Current (ET) Testing.

Whether it's emergency repair, scheduled maintenance or reconfiguring plates, we can have someone onsite at your location quickly.

A mild soap, and water are usually sufficient for cleaning the blower, although a toothbrush may help you to clean the fan blades and the small spaces between them.

Our technicians have even traveled internationally; examples include cleaning Navy ships in Spain and performing.

Ignoring routine furnace maintenance can cause higher utility bills and reduced comfort, and make.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Cleaning Procedure.